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To say Eli AKA *Son of Hightower*has had a few bad encounters with law enforcement over the past month would be an understatement. In flagrant disregard, for Law, Logic, Reason or humanity Portland police have now Tortured him for what appeared to be the spite and enjoyment of the supervising Police Sergeant on the Scene. You are about to watch a video clip of Portland Officers Using *Pain Compliance*

on Eli for engaging in something called *passive resistance which is a perfectly legal practice in the State of Oregon! In case you were wondering passive resistance is when a person feels morally outraged by an impending arrest while protesting one only need sit or lay down, at that point it becomes incumbent on the officers to carry you and safely transport you unharmed to jail. 

At this point,  Eli was protesting the way his right to film was being trampled on as the officers Tortured Him. To add insult to further injury Eli warned his attackers he had been stabbed in his arm just a few days prior to this incident! Eli’s Appeals to their humanity fell on deaf ears! As you can plainly see in these still shot from the video the Pigs are Lifting Eli by his arms as he’s handcuffed torquing his shoulders in an attempt to force his compliance with pain.  
here is a video of the incident edited for time!

The full unedited video of this incident can be seen below

link #1 pain compliance


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