An Oklahoma police chief formerly charged with attempted murder was outed as the owner of a white supremacist website that sells media and memorabilia marketed to skinheads and white nationalists.

Then he was busted lying about it.

Television station KXII-TV made the discovery about newly-appointed Colbert Police Chief Bart Alsbrook during an investigation into white supremacist hate groups in their region after the Southern Poverty Law Center released a hate map following recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The map identified only one group operating in nearby Texoma, which the chief lists on his LinkedIn profile.

Colbert Oklahoma Police Chief Bart Alsbrook

After being questioned by reporter Rachel Knapp, Alsbrook denied he was behind the site ISD Records, a website that sells racist media, just hours before it mysteriously disappeared from the internet.

“We searched for another Bart Alsbrook and couldn’t find another person with that name in the United States.”

Alsbrook then changed his story, saying it was skinheads who stole his wallet at a concert back in the 1990s posting on the site under his name and stolen identity.

“When we called him back to ask him about it, Alsbrook claimed a group of skinheads stole his wallet and began using his name after a fight at a heavy metal concert in the 1990’s,” Knapp reported.

In 2005, the SPLC identified Alsbrook as Blood and Honour USA’s Texas coordinator and the man behind a website similar to ISD Records called NS88 Videos, which also quickly disappeared from the internet just hours after Knapp began asking questions.

Displaying a banner that reads “The Voice of Blood and Honour,” an alliance of  white supremacist gangs, ISD Records showcases artists like The Klansmen and album titles like “Hitler was Right.”

Screen shot from the website, which was quickly removed, “Blood and Honour”.

Country records indicate Chief Alsbrook’s name and Denison, Texas address as that sites owner.

The Colbert City Council voted to hire Alsbrook as the interim chief last week.

Records show Alsbrook, a certified reserve officer who has six months to finish his peace officer certification for his new position, was charged with attempted murder in the 1990s.

The case was dropped after Alsbrook said a witness in that case misidentified him.

Colbert Oklahoma Police Chief Bart Alsbrook’s LinkedIn page