A hot dog vendor seen in a viral video this weekend having $60 in cash seized by a California cop for trying to make some extra money selling hot dogs is getting support from online donors who’ve now contributed to over $60,000 to crowdfunding efforts set up on his behalf.

A petition to fire University of California police officer S. Aranas badge #76 has received over 33,000 signatures.

“I wasn’t stealing or drinking, I was just working to sustain my family,” said Beto Matias, who was being issued a ticket outside a football game at Memorial Stadium when University California at Berkeley alum Martin Flores noticed and began recording from his cell phone.

That’s not right, man,” Flores, 44, says in the video after the campus cop is seen grabbing Matias’ money.

“That’s not right.” Flores can be heard saying repeatedly in the video.

“You’re going to take his hard-earned money?” Flores asks in the video, which can be seen below.  “People can drink on campus at football games and no tickets, but a hard-working man selling hot dogs, earning a living, gets his money taken away and a ticket.”

“Yep, this is law and order in action,” the cop replies.

“He doesn’t have a permit.”

“Law and order? No it’s not. Like I see people drinking in public, on campus….”

“Did you call us?” the cop asks.

“Walk 200 ft. to your left and you’ll see drinking in public. But a hard-working man gets his money taken away and ticket. That’s not right. That aint right man. That aint right. Law and order for the few….”

Aranas then appears to take Matias’ money in order to anger Flores and other standing nearby making sarcastic comments such as, “thanks for protecting us.”

After posting the video to Facebook, Flores set up a GoFundMe account to support Matias.

In addition to selling hot dogs on the side, Matias has a full-time job in construction.